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    Ezra Jennings

    When using the function as shown in your answer, the time is displayed in the Pacific timezone (which is not my timezone and not UTC) as I can see from adding a 'z' to the formatDate string.  There appears to be an optional third argument to the formatDate function where some text timezones are supported ('EST', 'PST', 'GMT') but I could not get numeric timezones ('-0400' or '-04:00') to work.  Is there another way to do this?  Or will numeric timezones be supported in the future?

    I also could not find the formatDate or fromMillis functions in the help ( and they are not suggested when I start to type them.  Will they be documented?  Are there are other very useful undocumented functions that are available?  Thanks!


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    Andrew Smith
    Just ran into this, although we just needed formatDate(toLong(...)) without fromMillis. Still missing from the documentation, although toLong is mentioned tangentially in the section on parsing text dates into numbers for sorting.
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