Error code 500 when posting to search job API for the FIRST time to get job id



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    Vidudaya Bandara

    Got resolved this issue. 

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    Mario Sanchez


    Great to hear you resolved the issue. Can you share what the resolution was?



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    Vidudaya Bandara

    As it says we need to send 4 query parameters in the request. So first I append those to the url looked like the one in the bottom of the question.

    Actual URL :| count _sourceCategory&from=2017-07-01T12:00:00&to=2017-07-19T23:10:00&timeZone=PST

    But it didn't work out so I tried to send a json in the request body with content-type 'application/json' . In your sample POST you have a 


    which has content like,

      "query": "| count _sourceCategory",
      "from": "2013-01-28T12:00:00",
      "to": "2013-01-28T13:10:00",
      "timeZone": "PST"

    So I set the same in the content body which apparently worked for me ,

    And I got a 202 and got your response with a jobID and a link like you described in the documentation.

    And also now I can page through the messages as well.

    is working now.


    All those got resolved through Restlet client in Chrome. Now have to replicate that in a custom environment. 

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