renaming field to newfield containing special characters.


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    Ryan Johnson

    Hi Arjit,

    Your query is giving the field webpage the value of "web-page" because you've actually told it to.

    See comments below:

    | parse regex "\"\"(?<webpage>\w+\/\d\.\d)" nodrop
    // The field 'webpage' is now defined based on the previous 'parse' statement
    | "web-page" as webpage
    // This has replaced whatever value you extracted for 'webpage' with the string "web-page"
    | count by %"web_page"
    // This will fail, as there is no field called "web_page"

    Can you please let me know how can I rename this field to a new field containing special characters so that values under that field are intact ?

    You can create a copy of the field to whatever field name you like, and all characters will be maintained.

    | parse regex "\"\"(?<webpage>\w+\/\d\.\d)" nodrop
    | webpage AS new_field

    I hope this has helped :-)

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