Sumologic Cloudwatch Logs Lambda SourceHost and SourceName mapping


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    Graham Watts

    Hey Zachary,

    I reposting my team member Duc's reply from github so the community can see the answer:

    Source Name in the case of Sumo local files points to the exact file path, when the Sumo local file source ( uses a wildcard syntax. Source Host is the (source) hostname/ip and usually populated automatically by the Sumo collector, and overwritten by users explicitly when that value is not accurate (e.g "localhost")
    For Amazon contexts, I think the mapping is not 1 to 1 here. For example, logstream can point to a specific Network interface for VPC flow logs, in that case Source Name is the right match. LogGroup is trickier, by Amazon's definition, I personally think Source Category is a better match than Source Host. Of course, metadata can overlap or be duplicated, depending on your case. Feel free to modify the function, I do think it will need to be customized to the CWLogs it is collecting (e.g VPC Flowlogs will be different from diagnostic logs, etc.).


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