Export websense appliance stats to sumo



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    Rahul Choudhary

    Hi Dungar,

    Can you let us know the version of Websense which you have been using? Would like to inform you that we do not have any available documentation/steps or scripts for collecting from Websense. AFAIK Websense 7.6 does not come with the facilities for logging to third party applications such as Sumo Logic although these facilities became available with Websense version 7.7.

    Please see the section titled "Integrating Web Security with third-party SIEM products" in the following linked Websense documentation. 


    If your version of Websense does happen to have these logging options then the setting you will want to follow in the listed steps of the above documentation is for "Splunk/other." This would require that you have an installed Collector within your environment configured with a Syslog Source, as documented in the following link, and which Websense will forward it's logs too.


    Hope the above information helps from the starting point stand view.



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    Dungar Rathod

    Thanks Rahul.


    We are using 8.2 version in websense.

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