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    Hi Jo, Make sure that you are using the new UI. This Beta app has a few behind-the-scenes improvements that only work in the new App Catalog.

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    Duc Ha

    Hi Jo. 

    The GuardDuty app is available as a Preview app.

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    Jo Boiteau

    I went back (to the exact same catalog page) and it was there!!



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    Forrest Shields

    The Collect Logs for Amazon GuardDuty documentation has a few issues:

    1. It needs to state whether or not I need to create the Lambda function in each AWS region that has GuardDuty enabled, or whether I only need to do it in one region.
    2. If I have multiple AWS accounts, it needs to state whether I need to ship the logs from each member account to Sumo Logic, or just the master account.
    3. (minor) The example ARN in step 2 under "Create a CloudWatch Events Rule and Target for GuardDuty" is incorrectly formatted.  The region should be us-east-1 not useast-1.
    4. One of the forum tags for the article is "amazon guarduty".  It should be "amazon guardduty" with two "d"s.

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