Your rule cannot be saved: Too many fields in the view. Cannot add X fields to which already has Y.



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    Olaf Stein

    Hi Anton,

    the reason you are seeing this error is because there is a limit of 200 distinct fields we can extract via Field Extraction Rules. You account shows there are already 163 fields, so 150 will not "fit". See here:

    Can you somehow group these into fewer fields? If not, it is probably best to do this at runtime.

    Hope this helps


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    Anton Belodedenko

    OK, sounds like there are a couple options. I'll see if we can trim the number of items to fit into the current limit. If not, I'll raise a request to increase.

    The reason we are doing this is to increase the speed of run-time searches, so moving all the "heavy lifting" to index-time is preferable, unless there is another way?


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