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    Brian Goleno

    Hi David, 

    Currently, the best way to do large scale collector management is either via the use of local configuration files, or the use of the Collector Management REST API.  The Processing Rules, and Filters, are not separate resources in our platform, but rather attributes of a Source configuration.  This is something we plan to change over the next year.  I encourage you to add your vote to this Idea: .  We use Idea records to track demand, and gather requirements from customers during design. 

    There are currently alternate approaches that are in use by many of our customers. 

    Most of our customers that are managing larger scale deployments are using some sort of automation platform, such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, or Kubernetes.   These folks use local configuration files, written in JSON, to configure Collectors and Sources.  Details on that process can be found here: .

    Others may choose to modify their collectors or sources using our REST API.  To make it easier to update larger collections of Sources, or upgrade Collectors, we have developed a Collector Management API Client that can be downloaded from our GitHub repo: .


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