cq source not running



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    Raghu Murthy

    Hi James,

    I opened a ticket to track the specific issue you are seeing. It looks like the RBAC associated with your user account is somehow interfering with the panel starting up - potentially a bug to fix. We will be communicating via the ticket




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    Rahul Choudhary

    Hi James,

    This could be due to an operator being used in the underlying panel query which is not supported in Live mode. I would suggest you checking below KB article here: 


    The following operators can't be used in Live mode:

    • Compare With
    • Details
    • First
    • InferSignatures
    • Join
    • Last
    • LogReduce
    • LogCompare
    • Now
    • Parse Using
    • Sample (internal-use operator)
    • Save
    • Sessionize
    • Trace
    • Timeslice greater than 1 day
    • Transactionize

    Please provide us the query if this is not the case and I can take a look into this further.




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    James Unknown


    The query does not use any of these operators. However the underlying scheduled view does use 'parse using'. However I have other cases where the scheduled view is using 'parse using'.and am not getting this warning/error when using live mode. So I am assuming that operators that are not supported in live mode can still be used in a schedule view, which is in turn used as part of a query underlying a panel running in live mode?

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