Multiple Lines In a Line Chart



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    Kevin Keech

    Hi Chris,

    It looks like you may be close. What you will want to do is add a transpose statement to get each transaction type into it's own column. These should then appear as multiple lines on the chart. Give the following a try. 

    _sourceCategory=demo transactionName=Login OR transactionName=Logout 
    | timeslice 15m
    | avg(responseTime) as ms by transactionName,_timeslice
    | transpose row _timeslice column transactionName
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    Chris Winkler

    Perfect. Thank you!

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    Latimer Luis

    One other thing to add is that if you choose a bar graph for your visualization option, you can change the settings so that that the results are stacked. I find the this helps me better visualize which entity (in your case, transactionName) has the highest response time out of the group of transactions.

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    Guillermo Todd

    Hi there. Following up on this question, I have 4 values that I want to chart with trend lines. I have values for CheckOut and CheckIn activities, and the response time for each in milliseconds. I'm able to graph the 2 actions in one graph so far, but I'd like to graph all 4 lines (CheckOuts, Checkout-Response time, CheckIns, CheckIn-Response Time) in the same graph. Is that possible?

    Here's my query:

    "Token Checkout Time:" or "Token Checkin Time:"
    | parse "Token * Time: *ms" as action, time
    | timeslice 5m
    | avg(time) as RespTime_ms by action, _timeslice
    | transpose row _timeslice column action

    And the data looks like this:

    2018-11-27 22:39:48,826 RD0003FFA6420F SomeAppName Info [13] "Token CheckOut Time: 31.2514ms "
    2018-11-27 22:39:48,576 RD0003FF580BAC SomeAppName Info [54] "Token CheckIn Time: 93.7832ms "
    2018-11-27 22:39:47,661 RD0003FF580BAC SomeAppName Info [54] "Token CheckOut Time: 83.7676ms "
    2018-11-27 22:39:47,594 RD0003FFA64032 SomeAppName Info [15] "Token CheckIn Time: 108.7173ms "




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