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    William Gregorian

    So, the instructions, including the script is crap (sorry). 

    First off, the script is overly engineered for no good reason, here's a simple version that just works: 



    if [ "$1" = "-s" ]; then
    echo "Setup mode"

    $JAVAPATH/java -jar /home/sumojanus/januscore*.jar ${runMode} OktaCollector-1.0.0.jar -e 1800

    I'll probably iterate on that to add paths instead of hard coding it in, but for now, this works as expected. Also, I had to create the /usr/local/SumoCollector/conf directory and copy and from $PATH/sumojanus/conf/ to get rid of a bunch of errors related to log4j. Oddly enough, the collector was looking in that path for the two files, so copying them there fixed my issue. Be sure to also chgrp -R the sumojanus directory with sumologic_collector to avoid permission issues. 

    Once I fixed those two things, everything else began to behave as expected. Hopefully, this will help someone else. 

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    Graham Bush

    Thanks for the help. Sumologic support has not been helpful.

    I am running this on a windows server and keep getting 

    <ERROR SumoJanus:499 - Could not create framework: java.

    Did you encounter this problem on linux and any idea what the problem might be?

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    Duc Ha

    First you need to unpack the sumojanus-dist file (one time - this is for the SumoJanus framework), then sumojanus-Okta (or other bundles like Box or Salesforce) over the same sumojanus folder in that order. The "conf" folder is already included with the SumoJanus framework, so if you don't see it,  my guess is the framework file was not unpacked, or you didn't unpack the Okta bundle over the framework folder ("sumojanus")

    You should have the following structure after these steps:


     - bin/

     --    <a bunch of .md, .bash and .bat files depending on the bundles used>

     - bundle/

     --    SumoConfigService-.XYZ.jar

     --    SumoUtils-XYZ.jar

     - conf/




     - januscore-XZY.jar



     - data/

     - sumo-bundle/

     --      <some jars depending on the bundles used>

    Once both files are unzipped, modify the sumologic.conf according to the specific bundle instructions (this config file is shared across all bundles) and follow instructions for each specific bundle. 

    Finally, all bundle scripts must be called from under the "sumojanus" folder. E.g: ./bin/SumoJanus_Okta.bat -s , or ./bin/SumoJanus_Box.bat -s , ... 


    The error on "Could not create a framework" is very likely caused by calling the script under the "bin" folder


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    Graham Bush

    To make it work on a Windows server I had to do the following:

    • I followed Duc Ha's guide and extracted sumojanus-dist to C:\, creating a sumojanus folder and deleted the macosx folder. I then extracted the sumojanus-okta to c:\, afterwards I copied everything in the folder to c:\sumojanus.
    • I copied januscore-xyz.jar to c:\sumojanus\bin\
    • Following Iterable inc's advice., I copied the conf folder to c:\sumojanus\bin\
    • I had to copy the entire bin folder in the c:\sumojanus.
    • I was then able to follow this guide starting @ "edit the properties file":
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    Duc Ha

    Graham, Iterable:

    Glad to hear it's working now - you shouldn't have to do that much. SumoJanus is separate and independent of the Sumo Collector - the only thing it needs is a JRE, which for convenience can be found under a Sumo Collector directory  (hence the JAVAPATH setting to point to it ). The Sumo Collector basically just calls SumoJanus as calling a script - so as part of configuring a script source (NOT a script action) for it, you need to set  the right calling script path AND set the working directory (which is the full path to the sumojanus folder). Also SumoJanus needs to do some book keeping, so the collector (or rather the user the collector is running under) needs to have permissions to write to the SumoJanus folder. 

    You can totally call SumoJanus manually by going to right under sumojanus (don't go to "bin"),  then call:


    If you call from under "bin", then things will not work, my guess is that why you had to copy all those other things over there. 

    As for log4j config, it's under <sumojanus>/conf/, along with all other config files. 






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