How to get health check of my application (HTTP Code status)



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    Graham Watts

    Hi Abdullah,

    Does your application write the results of its healthchecks to a log line?

    For example, if these are captured in CloudWatch Logs, you can collect those log lines here:

    Here are other collection approaches:

    1. If your application runs on EC2 you can add a collector agent - Windows | Linux
    2. If the data we need is contained in a CloudWatch Metric, we can collect those here


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    Abdullah Hawa

    Hello, Graham,

    I already installed the collector at my EC2 instance.

    And, I can get the logs, and other monitoring values into my Sumo Logic

    I have different applications in my infrastructure, like Tomcat, and Karaf applications.

    I am asking to get a health check of my URL, for example,, I need to check if this URL is reachable, so that will let get a (200) status, (404), or other.

    I don't need to still use the Cloud Watch!

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    Eli Jang

    Hi Abdullah,

    Have you install Apache app? If not, please install it and take a look. You can find many useful dashboads.

    How to:

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