How to share link to permanent location of saved search alert?


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    Ananta Thakur

    Hi Michael,

    Common practices to manage content includes either sharing the search or complete folder to give complete access.

    Share a saved search from the Library

    Once you’ve saved content, you can choose to share it, which makes it available to other users. Your shared content is automatically added to the Library in the Org > [Your Name] folder.

    To share a search and its results, see Share a Link to a SearchWhich I believe you are following already. Once shared, other users in your organisation can:

    • Search for and find your shared search.
    • Click your search to run it in the Search page.
    • Copy your search to save and edit it. 
    • Export the text of your search. 

    If want to share the apps or queries you have installed in order to share them with your organization, you can share your entire MyApps folder. This way, any app that you install or query in the future to this subfolder would be automatically published and shared with your team.

    Further we can use library for search : Example content shared with me and if I look with the dashboard or query name it gives us the complete view: name, location and created by. 



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