Managing content of departing staff



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    Arun Singh

    Hi Jason,

    To save the settings for a user and temporarily prevent access, you can deactivate a user rather than deleting them. Disabled users can't log in to their Sumo Logic account, giving you time to replicate content.

    Now, when you are deleting a user permanently, it removes the user. When you delete a user, you can select a Sumo Logic user account to which to transfer the deleted user’s content, including folders, searches, scheduled searches, scheduled views, monitors, and dashboards. This will allow you to replicate all the content created by the user and then re-activate the same using the account with which you have deleted the user.

    Please see the following to understand these two concept of off-boarding:

    To get out of all these pains, we also sometime suggest to use a common account (using a group email id or similar) created by Sumo Admin team to create Production monitors, dashboards, Scheduled searches etc. so that you do not have to re-activate the content every time an admin or important user leave organisation. 


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    Jason Friedman

    Thank you, Arun.

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