How to migrate. alerts and dashboards from one environment to other



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    Harinder Bhandari

    Hi Prabhu,

    You can export content from US deployment by doing these steps:

    Export Content in the Library

    1. In the Library, do either:
      • To export an item, navigate to it, click the details icon for that item, and select Export.
      • To export a whole folder (with any subfolders), click the details icon for that folder select Export.
    2. In the Export Item dialog, do either:
      • Click Copy to send it to the clipboard.
      • Click Download to download the content as a JSON file.
    3. Click DONE to close the window. 

    You can import content from EU deployment by doing these steps:

    Import Content in the Library

    1. Navigate to the folder into which you want to import the library item.
    2. Select Import from the options menu.
    3. In the Content Import dialog, enter Name. The item name must be unique with a folder.  
    4. Click Import. The Import button is only available if you have pasted in a valid JSON.

    You can see more details here: 

    Hope this helps

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    Prabhu Ponnaganti

    Hi Harinder,

    Yes, it worked. Thanks for the help


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