Change a Search Query for a currently monitored Dashboard report



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    Kevin Keech

    Saving changes back to a Monitor

    After running a search from a Monitor, any edits made to the query can be saved back to the Monitor; these changes are immediately reflected in the Monitor. In addition to fine-tuning the query, the time range of the Monitor can also be changed.

    Only the owner of a shared Dashboard can save changes back to a Monitor.

    To save changes back to a Monitor:

    1. Click a Monitor to launch a search.
    2. Make any changes you'd like, either to the query or the time range of the Monitor.
    3. Run the search.
    4. Once the search has completed, click the **Save to Monitor **icon.
    5. Confirm the changes you've made.

    Changes are reflected immediately.

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    David Boring

    Is it possible to transfer ownership of a dashboard?

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