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    Ben Newton

    You can forward data to our HTTP source.

    1) First set up an hosted collector with an HTTP source (

    2) Get the URL

    3) Then set up the write_http plugin in your collectd setup something like this:

    <Plugin write\_http>

    <URL "">

        Format "command"

        StoreRates true




    4) You should now see the PUTVAL messages coming through (You can also use JSON, but I prefer the "command" format myself)

    PUTVAL localhost/cpu-0/cpu-steal interval=10.000 1365189443.904:0

    5) For the CPU counters, I set up a search like this single server. You could add in other servers fairly easily.

    _sourceCategory=CollectDMetrics AND PUTVAL AND cpu

    | parse regex "cpu-(?<cpu\_type>[a-z]+) interval=(?<interval>[\d.]+) (?<realVal>[\d.]+):(?<perVal>[\d.]+)"

    | timeslice by 1m

    | avg(perVal) by _timeslice,cpu_type

    | transpose row _timeslice column cpu_type


    6) You can put that in a dashboard and get something like the attached image.

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    Velimir Jankovic

    That makes. I will try it. Thank you.

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