Bandwidth Usage Per Collector



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    Ben Newton

    This function is now in Beta and will soon be available to all customers.

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    Kevin Keech

    With the May 10, 2014 Release Sumo Logic has introduced the Data Volume Index. The Data Volume Index gives you better visibility into how much data you are sending to Sumo Logic, allowing you to proactively manage your systems’ behavior and to fine tune your data ingest. See Data Volume Index in Help for more information When messages are organized in an Index, you can run searches against huge amounts of retained data with improved search query performance. Look for additional Sumo Logic Indices coming in future releases.

    Additionally Sumo Logic has released the  Sumo Logic App for Data Volume, which leverages the Data Volume Index to keep you up-to-date on your account's data usage volume by category, collector, source name, and hosts The app uses predefined searches and a Dashboard that provide visibility into your environment for real-time analysis of overall usage. You'll find installation instructions here.


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