agent install, do you need access keys?


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    Kevin Keech

    Hi James,

    Previously during install the Collector would first require the username and password be supplied just to connect to the service and then the service would pass back an "activation code" to the Collector. The activation code would then need to be supplied back within in the UI to complete the registration process. The registration process is now streamlined so the registration occurs by just supplying a username/password or an accessid/accesskey during the install process.

    As of December 3 there will no longer be an option to supply an access code to register a Collector in the UI. All Collectors will need to be registered via accesskey or with a username/password supplied at install time. In the case of RPM and Deb packages this is supplied as part of the sumo.conf file, similar to how an unattended install is performed.

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