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    Kevin Keech

    The time you see is the adjusted time from the actual message time. This is based on your current location making the times relative. When Sumo Logic receives a log message it parses the date/time/timezone from the message and then converts this to an epoch time. This epoch time is then used to display this time to you in your adjusted timezone making it relative to when the event actually happened.

    In your specific case the message timezone for the Source is currently set to default to EST (UTC -5:00 Hours) as the timezone for the messages coming in from the Source. Since you appear to be in IST timezone, the time will be displayed to you with an adjusted time of UTC + 5:30 hours. This is why you see what appears to be a 10.5 hour difference in the time. (ie. 01:12:03 EST = 11:42:03 IST) If you happened to be in the PST timezone and looked at this exact same message the time would be displayed as 01/06/2013 22:12:03 PST. (ie. 01/06/2013 22:12:03 PST = 01/07/2013 01:12:03 EST)

    Based on this, the time being displayed to you is correct for this message.

    Hope this helps.

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