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    Hi Mustafa,

    Unfortunately, there is currently no option to modify the local timezone from the UI. The timezone is taken from the local OS, so currently the only way to change it is to change your system settings. There is an existing feature request that you can view and subscribe to so that you are notified once it is implemented:

    Thanks, -Keith

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    Pure Perf

    Hello, they haven't updated this question and that support link is dead, but there is now a way to set the default timezone per-browser. Per the docs on the Preferences page:

    • Default Timezone. If you want the Sumo Logic user interface to use your local time zone, or a time zone different from the time zone used in the timestamp of your log messages, change the setting here. This is a personal setting, and does not change the time zone for anyone else in your organization. This option overrides the timezone set in your web browser, and affects all hours and minutes displayed in the user interface, including time ranges on the Search page, the Time column in the Messages pane, in Dashboards, and in Anomaly Detection. It does not affect the configurations of previously created Scheduled Searches or Real Time Alerts. For more information, see Timestamps, Time Zones, Time Ranges, and Date Formats.

    You can access the setting by clicking on your name and then "Preferences".

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