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    Kevin Keech

    While it is possible to create multiple accounts by creating a new account under a different Account name and using a secondary email address, it is not suggested. User accounts (email address) can only be assigned within a single account so if you have a user who needs to view both production and development logs they would have to maintain multiple users under different email addresses and would not be able to share content, ie, saved queries or dashboards, across the different accounts.

    Most customers use a single account and use the log metadata to separate the log data into logical partitions. For instance many customers use a Collector naming convention such as "stg-collector", "prod-collector", etc.. This allows you to then search for data which only contains that metadata tag, ex. "_collector=stg-*" You can also use the Source category metadata in a similar way.

    Using the metadata you can also create role based access to only particular Collector data. So if you have QA teams that should only be able to view QA server data you can create a new Role and in the query property for the role define the metadata they should be able to view. Again an example would be "_collector=qa-*"

    More info on roles:



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