Installing the New Relic Windows plugin (as a service?) - relationship to collector


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    Hi James,

    I understand that Kevin already answered this question for you via a Support Ticket. Here's the answer again for the benefit of our community:

    1.) Does the SL/NR plugin require a SL collector?

    Yes a collector is required. The Collector is what gathers the data from your Windows event logs and submits them to the Sumo Logic service. What the plugin does is query the data submitted to Sumo Logic and then redirects that over to NewRelic via API calls.

    2.) Is my SL collector installation configured correctly?

    Yes, It does appear you have a Collector configured along with a Windows event source, which is sending your event logs to Sumo Logic. You can confirm this by running a simple search in Sumo Logic covering the last 1 hour time range. Your volume of messages does not appear to be that high, probably due to this being a sandbox server. Here are a couple queries you can also run to confirm the events are available in Sumo Logic.

    1.) _sourceName=Appplication

    2.) _sourceName=Security

    Note: that the plugin will only query data from Sumo Logic every 15 minutes for the last 15 minute period and send to NewRelic so if you do not have events during that period you will not see data within NewRelic.

    3.) Can the plugin be configured to run as a service?

    Currently no.

    4.) How can I get the SL/NR plugin to report log data to NR?

    We are not currently seeing any API requests for the Windows event data coming from your NewRelic plugin. Typically this is due to the the plugin not being configured properly. Can you confirm the .properties files noted in the following plugin installation instructions are correct and that you see the plugin process running in task manager? Note: there should be no brackets around the user name/password or license key within these file parameters.

    If the process is not running, ie you do not see the java.exe within your process list, you may need to attempt to restart it using the following command from within the NewRelic plugin directory.

    C:\windowsEvents-1.0.0> java -jar windowsEvents-1.0.0.jar &

    Thanks, -Keith

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