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    Hi Varlu,

    Here's the answer that was provided via Support Ticket for the benefit of our community:

    Sumo Logic does not currently provide direct webhooks, but this is something we are reviewing as a future functionality.

    With the current functionality you would need to have a scheduled query kick off a "script action" on the Collector host. The script you provide as part of this script action can then take the information from the scheduled search, which is passed down to the collector in the form of a json results file, and post to your other application based on these results.

    More information on script actions and scheduled search can be found through the following help.

    Thanks, -Keith

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    Josh Cody

    I would also love to see this feature. I would much rather define a webhook than rely on a script action. This would enable simple integration to PagerDuty or VictorOps without having to script it ourselves.

    +1 for webhooks!

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    Alex Dess


    The poor integration options available has to be the most disappoint feature I've found with Sumo Logic.

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    Sahir Azam

    Hi everyone..Webhook alerts will be released in a few weeks, working through final kinks in testing now!

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