how do we eliminate/filter duplicate lines based on a field


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    Kevin Keech

    You will first need to parse the "number" and the "name" from the message.

    For example:

    * | parse regex "(?<number>\d+)\s+(?<name>\D+)"

    A. ) You can then use the "first" or "last" operator to get the first or last occurrence of the name field, by number.

    * | parse regex "(?<number>\d+)\s+(?<name>\D+)"

    | first(name) as name by number

    This query will give you an output similar to the following which could be presented in the charts.

    123 | abc

    345 | qwert

    456 | qqq

    B.) You can get then chart on the fields by summing up the number by name, since there is only going to be one number per name (due to the first/last) the sum will equal the value.

    | parse regex "(?<number>\d+)\s+(?<name>\D+)"

    | first(name) as name by number

    | sum(number) as number by name

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