How do you delete a real time search sending email?


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    Hi Chuck,

    When you delete a users account, their content is moved into a new folder under your content library. You will see a message like this when you attempt to delete their account:

    Delete user 'Steve Koster'?

    This will stop all of the scheduled searches/dashboards and unpublish them. It will copy them to your Personal tab in a folder named 'Content from deleted user Steve Koster'.

    Note that their scheduled searches / alerts will no longer run and none of their content will be shared. We currently have a feature request to allow scheduled searches to continue to run after a user is deleted. If you believe this will be useful, please upvote:

    If you're having trouble locating the source of a real-time search, please open a new support ticket to let me know the name and I will track it down. 

    Thanks, -Keith

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