How do you use Docker?



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    Dane Uriona

    We use Docker a lot in both Development and Production.  For now we get logs out to Sumo by sharing a volume and picking them up with a collector on the host.  Not ideal, but it works.  Hitting up a hosted collector is easy enough as well, just more overhead on the process being containerized, really easy to change the endpoint with a simple env variable at container startup that way.  In an ideal world, we'd have collectors embedded in the container, but it would require a new application container every time you changed your collector, which seems like an unnecessary coupling.  

    Better yet you could provide a docker container with the latest collector and we could just link the containers, or share a volume.

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    Joe Zulli
    1. We use Docker in production with Elastic Beanstalk. Docker to us, at least at the moment, is simply a means to an end. What we really want is Elastic Beanstalk, but since Playframwork isn't natively supported by EB, wrapping our deployment in a Docker container is the solution, and it works great.  

    2. We don't!!!! This is a huge problem for us. EB does allow for the publishing of logs to S3, so it should be possible.

    3. Assuming it's possible already, please create some documentation on how to work with Docker from within EB.

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