Getting 404 error while using Search Job API



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    Dwayne Hoover


    Would the one shot search API work for you?

    You might be hitting a throttling limit on the job based API.  I'd suggest that you open up a ticket with support to get to the bottom of it.  We can search the API tier and see if there are any additional error messages around your request.

    I prefer to use the simpler, "one shot" search for API calls, but I understand that it might not meet your use case.  Feel free to comment back with additional details and we'll help you out.


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    Peter Nguyen

    In my case, I am launching a number of search jobs in parallel. I then check on status of search jobs in series (predetermined order). After first search job complete (with status code 200), I move on to check second. However, second search job returns status code 400. Is this timeout issue or something else?

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    Juan Rodriguez

    I'm observing the same thing. The jobs is launched and I receive successful status updates... up to a certain moment when 404 error occur. I haven't waited enough to see a 'Done gathering results' message. I am running a single search job at the time, over an whole day of logs. 

    Any suggestions on how to avoid these messages are well received!

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