How to plot max and 99th percentile on same graph?



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    Kevin Sumo

    Hi Ronald,

    You can place multiple aggregated functions within the same operation to give you multiple columns, which should then graph as seperate lines on your single chart.  Give the following operation a go and let me know if this works for you.

    * | timeslice 15m 
    | max(response_time), pct(response_time, 99) by _timeslice

    You can also give these fields some names as well to make them easier to understand in the chart.

    * | timeslice 15m 
    | max(response_time) as max_response_time, pct(response_time, 99) as 99th_response_time by _timeslice

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    Ronald Chen

    That's exactly what I wanted, thank you.

    The docs are not helpful.  The page "Timeslice Operator" does not show an example of this

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