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    Mario Sanchez

    Your parse regex expression seems to do the trick, I would go with that. I'm not sure you can use parse anchor (the simpler/cleaner way) in this case. However, if you do want to explore options, you could try the CSV parsing operator:

    Note the field name you would be extracting from is named _raw (i.e. your raw message). 



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    O A

    Thanks Mario

    I actually came up with another theoretical option:

    parse "p,*,*,*," as name,type,geo nodrop
    | parse "p,*,*,*,*,*," as unused1,unused2,unused3,channel,pid nodrop

    But in the end, to resolve this issue I have added several extra commas to the end of each message, like this:

    • p,10,myname1,mytype1,us,,,,,
    • p,10,myname2,mytype2,br,,,,,
    • p,10,myname3,mytype3,de,,,,,

    This way if ever I want to add more fields, all I have to do is add them to the parse string, and I'm good for both old and new message types. The following parse statement would work for both old format with extra commas, and new format with the two new fields:

    parse "p,*,*,*,*,*," as samplerate,name,type,geo,new_field1,new_field2 nodrop


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