Why must queries in dashboards have a group-by operator?



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    Matt Weick

    Was this ever answered?

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    Mario Sanchez

    Matt and Chris,

    In short, Dashboards require some grouping operator (Sum, Count, Avg) to avoid trying to chart/display a Panel that could potentially have 1000's of results. You will be able to chart your results if you edit your query to this:

    _source="My Logs" and "ERROR"
    | count by _sourceName
    | top 5 _sourceName by _count
    | sort by _sourceName asc

    A few things to note here:

    1. I removed the parse statement since you were not using it as part of the results, but I added the keword "Error" to the first line, to filter only the desired messages.
    2. I added the count operator to make it explicit and allow these results to be added to a Dashboard Panel
    3. I added asc to the sort (ascending)   




    Hope this helps!


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