Webhook not working



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    Nick Wilson

    Hi Nathan,

    I would look at a few things here in order to isolate the issue:

    1. Test the search as a real-time alert that sends to email instead of a webhook (it sounds like you did this, but I want to confirm)
    2. Test the search as a scheduled search that sends to the webhook you set up

    If #2 works but #1 doesn't, then it could be a limitation at play with real-time scheduled searches. 

    If #1 works but #2 doesn't, then it's likely the webhook. Double check that you can test the connection and receive a 200 response (which again, it sounds like you've done, but I want to confirm).

    If you're still having trouble, I suggest reaching out to support for further assistance so we can look at this more closely for you.

    Customer Success, Sumo Logic

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    Christian Pedersen

    I have the same issue. Works when sending to email - webhook doesn't do anything.

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    Nathan Collins

    Christian, in my case it was a bad payload causing the webhook action to fail.

    Once that was fixed it worked fine, although I'm favoring save to index now as webhooks have no retry logic.

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