A collector using less resource?


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    Rahul Choudhary


    ~200MB is actually pretty good for the Sumo Logic Collector. We actually list the minimum requirement for Collection as 128MB although its also been mentioned that 256MB to 512MB available in case it's needed in the below KB article here:


    Unfortunately we don't have any other alternative collector being written in different language and also we are not going to be able to reduce this value much further, since Java by itself is going to use about this much memory just to run the JVM.

    You can try reducing the amount of memory allocated to the heap from the default 128MB down to 64MB, however you may run into "Out Of Memory" errors while running the Collector depending on how many directories the Collector is scanning and reading and how many messages are being encrypted, compressed and sent to the service. 

    If memory usage on your servers is a major concern you may also consider a central Collection scheme using a single Collector along with using remote Sources for Collecting your server log files.







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