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    Dean Thomas

    Hey Ben,

    Most of the Sumo apps will expect your data to come in with a very specific SourceCategory name.  The first thing I'd do is check what sourceCategory the app is expecting by clicking through one of the panels to open the query in a search, and looking at the sourceCategory it's searching for.

    Then, look at your collectors/sources to see if they're using that same sourceCategory.  Does that make sense?

    Let us know what you find.  If they match, then we can dig in a bit further.  But to your original hypothesis, it shouldn't be because those logs are compressed...

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    Ben Adlard

    Further to this.

    What I have noticed today after analysing the log data in more detail is that one of my sources is rendering JSON (green text) and the other 2 sources are not. As a result I am successfully able to create a dashboard from the JSON source.

    It's almost as if the 2 sources that are not displaying the JSON are not being un-compressed?

    One thing worth pointing out, the source that generates the dashboard successfully has the S3 bucket, SNS and AWS Config services on the same account. The other 2 sources are on different AWS accounts. I'm not sure if this makes a difference but thought it worth mentioning.


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