you have reached the maximum number of tabs



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    Raghu Murthy

    Hi Jay,


    This message is typically displayed when the Ui has utilized it's maximum allocated memory footprint for all the tabs - we don't have a limit in terms of number of tabs. Sometimes you can trigger that message with just a few tabs but with huge query sizes.


    Typically closing all open tabs should address the issue. When you say the message comes back even after closing all tabs, do you mean it comes back right away or after creating a few tabs and after a little while of search query usage?




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    Nick Wilson

    Another thing to note - when you say you've closed all your tabs, are you referring to the browser tabs, or the tabs within the UI? In your screenshot, I can see what looks like a few UI tabs that are open. This message is specific to those - not the tabs in Chrome.

    I apologize in advance if this is in fact what you mean, but I just wanted to double check.

    Sumo Logic, Customer Success

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