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    Piotr Woch

    Hello Haribaskar!

    Please try using the following regex expression for end-of-line marker recognition:

    1) Click the link to edit options for your data source (under Manage Data/Collection)

    2) In the "Enable One Message Per Request" section make sure the option "Each request will be treated as a single message (ignore line breaks)." is UNCHECKED

    3) In the "Enable Multiline Processing" section check off "Detect messages spanning multiple lines"

    4) Select the "Boundary Regex" option

    5) In the input box below enter the following regex expression: "\[Exit status: [^]]*\]"

    Please let me know if that worked for you.




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    Roy Gunter

    Hello, Piotr,

    Just checking, in step 3) should we "Enable" "Detect messages spanning multiple lines" or "Disable" it?


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