Send email alert once for same message



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    Matt Sullivan

    this sounds a lot like an idea that is gaining traction:  that you may wish to upvote.

    for your specific use case, sounds like you wrote the monitor code.  can it log a timestamp for "first reported", which would be the same every time you write the message?  if it can, you can compare first reported to message time and only fire alert if they fall within 15m of each other. 

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    Venkat Kondepati

    Thank you Matt for the response and pointing to the idea. Yes, I was looking for same scenario.

    I had a Azure function which just checks the tables if there is any table had zero count and logs to SumoLogic.

    Yes, it has time stamp. But SumoLogic does not keep track of previous alert before it triggers other one. Is it correct?


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