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    Brian Bozzello

    Hi Nayyar,

    With the New Relic Webhook connection, your payload must include "eventType" and "search_results" as parameters. For the "search_results" parameter, you'll need to include either {{AggregateResultsJson}} or {{RawResultsJson}}. See here for an example payload.

    {{AggregateResultsJson}} should be used for "search_results" if your query is performing any aggregation (e.g., error | timeslice 1m | count by _timeslice).

    {{RawResultsJson}} should be used for "search_results" if your query does not perform any aggregation.

    With the appropriate payload, Sumo will send the data through the New Relic Insights API and you'll be able to query this in New Relic Insights using the NRQL. 

    Let me know if that helps!



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