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    Brian Bozzello

    Hi Matt,

    You can achieve more granularity in your metrics reporting if you supply more intrinsic tags in your Carbon 2.0 metrics. Changes in meta tags will not create a new metric - those are useful if you want to track things like the current version you are running on or current instanceid.

    For example, if you had "platform" as one of the intrinsic tags (also known as dimensions), you could create a separate metric for:

    1) metric=playback.vod.firstPrompt platform=platform_a
    2) metric=playback.vod.firstPrompt platform=platform_b
    3) metric=playback.vod.firstPrompt platform=platform_c

    The more dimensions you specify, the more granular you can get with your metrics, and then you can choose to aggregate them later in Sumo (e.g., by querying "metric=playback.vod.firstPrompt | avg").

    Here's a recent blog post that helps explain the difference between the tags, and some docs with details on syntax. Let me know if that helps!



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    Shannon Hayes

    Hi Brian,


    In the example above if I did want to track the current version and put that info in meta tags - how can I aggregate that data?

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