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    Hi Scott,

    Sorry for the delay here. It is not currently possible to format the body of the email message beyond the default options that are shown on the email alert configuration screen. There are a few options you might explore as an alternative in the meantime though:

    1) If it is supported by your ticketing system, webhooks might be a good alternative. With webhooks, you have more flexibility with what is sent over to your ticketing system. You can find more detail here:

    2) Create a script action which allows you to trigger a script using a scheduled search (instead of sending an email). Inside your script, you can build the email and formatting you need. You can find details on creating a script action here:

    Apart from these options, I'd also recommend that you check out our ideas portal. There is an existing idea along these lines which you can upvote and that will go directly to our product teams.

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