Customize Dashboard Graph colors for non-numeric values?



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    Ryan Johnson

    Hi KC,

    It's not currently possible to specify a colour per value in a graph, however you do have the ability to specify a palette (LINK) which will use the colour you choose, as well as the following ones to render your graphs.

    I hope this is helpful!


    Ryan J.

    Sumo logic, Australia

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    Michael Mercurio

    This is also an issue for "single value" dashboards if you want a format other than the default format of a single decimal place -- i.e., "99.98" instead of "100". It appears that for Single Value dashboard I must choose between the default display format of a single decimal place or the ability to use color ranges, but cannot have both. This makes the feature very limited. 

    Is there a way to make color ranges work with NUMERIC VALUES being displayed with multiple decimal places?

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