integrating redshift with sumologic


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    Graham Watts

    Hey Ravi,

    Seems like there are 2 options here:

    1. Collect the data in Sumo and query it there

      - Where is the data coming from? If its already in S3 or CloudWatch log groups you can use native Sumo sources to get a copy of the data into Sumo
      - If not, you could dump it to S3 and collect it into Sumo from there (AWS doc here

    2. Do not collect it into Sumo, instead query the data inside the Redshift table and send to Sumo

      - In this case you could potentially write a lambda function and use the GREATEST & LEAST Redshift function to get data and do a POST to our HTTPS source (endpoint) to collect it
      - Here is a example from StackOverflow that might help

    Let me know if this is helpful.

    - Graham

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