Shared dashboard now asking for login



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    Kevin Keech

    Hi Mark,

    You will want to validate the following.

    1.) Your Security Policy under "Administration > Security > Policies" still allows for Public dashboards.
    2.) Your Whitelisting rules under "Administration > Security > Service Whitelist Settings" still has the option for "Enable Dashboard Whitelist" selected. 
    3.) The user who published the dashboard still has permissions to "Share Dashboards with the Whitelist" via their User Roles. 
    4.) The IP of the requesting user is listed within your Whitelisting IPs/CIDRs
    5.) There have been no new proxies that may now be using a different IP for the requests, which is not within your Whitelisting rules. 

    If none of these seem to apply I would submit a formal Support request to Sumo Logic support. Include the name of a Dashboard you are seeing an issue with,  the current public IP you are expecting the request to come from, and a general time when you started to see this fail to open and the team can see if they can find more details. 

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    Mark Drummond

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the checklist. Very useful. I've validated all the items in the checklist but more importantly, I am back in the office today and the shared link works fine for me (logged out of Sumo, opened the link in an incog window, dashboard was displayed w/o authentication) so sharing + whitelisting is working fine. I'll follow up with the user.



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    Mark Drummond

    Just ti follow up, I was in the office the day after this problem was reported and the shared link worked fine for me w/o authentication. Possibly some sort of PEBKAC error.

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