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    Latimer Luis

    Hi Mark - 

    If you click on the dots/elipses next to "Browse by Creator" on the left-nav, it will give you an option to "Switch to all shared content view." I believe this is the view you are expecting and describing. The view will list the objects that you shared and anything that has been shared with you as well. 

    You can then use the search bar to narrow the scope of your search down to just the shared items that you created. 

    Please let me know if this helps. 

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    Mark Drummond

    Thanks Latimer. That was helpful. I did find the root problem, and it was me! Some time ago I must have created a folder of my own called "Mark Drummond", which was confusing me in the "Content Administrator" view. 

    In the right hand library pane, in "content administrator" view, there's one folder for each of my users, each folder named "firstName lastName". So here my "Mark Drummond" folder in content admin view:

    Note the content of that folder. In the left hand pane in "all shared content view", this is what I had:

    Note the "Personal" folder and the "Mark Drummond" folder. Now note the content of the "Personal" folder vs. that of the "Mark Drummond" folder:

    The "Personal" folder content matches the content from the "Mark Drummond" folder from the content admin view. Meanwhile the content of the "Mark Drummond" folder in my own view is something else entirely. And of course that's because the "Mark Drummond" in my own view is an entirely different folder that I must have created on my own. Meanwhile "Personal" is displayed as "Mark Drummond" in the content admin view.

    So I moved the stuff I had in my own "Mark Drummond" folder into my Personal folder, deleted that "Mark Drummond" folder, and now all is right with the world again.

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