Log file name containing round parenthesis



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    Akash Kadakia

    Hi Alessandro,


    1. Did you try escaping the escape character?

    Something like this. "C:\\Logs\\\\(beta\\)\\ MyApp-*.log"

    2. Did you try escaping the whitespace characters?

    "C:\\Logs\\\(beta\)\ MyApp-*.log"

    3. Can you make sure there is no whitespace character before "(beta)"?

    If thats the case, use "C:\\Logs\\\ \(beta\)\ MyApp-*.log"




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    Alessandro Piccione

    Hi Akash,

    I haven't had occasion to test it again...

    1. No, I probably escasped the "(" with "\\("

    2. Why I have to escape the whitespace ?

    3. Yes, there is no space before "(beta)"


    I' trying this:

    "sourceType": "LocalFile",
    "name": "my-app UAT 5",
    "pathExpression": "C:\\Logs\\\\(beta\\) MyApp-*.log"
    "category": "beta_5/website"

    I'm a little bit confused on how to edit the collector configuration.

    I have to change it in the myCollector..json (on the server) or using "edit" in the Manage Data/Collection page?

    What is the difference? The collector is installed on the server and I passed the json file on the instyall process.
    I tried to cjhange the settings in Manage Data/Collection page and it chaneged, does it mean the json file is used only one time diuring the installation process and then is no more  used ?
    I mean, I have divergent settings now (json file and settings in the website), which one "win" ?



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