Broadly Scoped Field Extraction Rule and Hidden Fields


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    Raghu Murthy

    Hi Robert,


    However, the fields from the narrowly scoped FER appear as "Hidden Fields" when searching the first, more broadly-defined scope. Of course, these fields have "Null Value" all over as the fields only apply to the second narrow scope.


    This is expected behavior when you have 2 FERs for the same source Category even if one of them is more narrowly scoped with additional keywords. 


    From our Best Practices

    Avoid targeting the same field name in the same message with multiple FERs. When more than one FER targets the same message with the same field name, one of the rules will NOT apply. The rule applied to the specific field name is randomly selected. Don't use the same field names in multiple FERs that target the same messages.


    I apologize for the confusion. The lowest common denominator for multiple FERs would be at the source category level.


    Let me know if you have any further questions


    Best Regards


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