how to setup to read files based on the timestamps


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    James Fields

    Hi Samir,


    When you wish to ingest data files based on the time of the file generation, your best bet is to configure an S3 bucket to store the files, and then configure an S3 source to ingest the data. The S3 source can be based on polling the source, or on event notification. 

    Sumo’s S3 integration combines scan based discovery and event based discovery into a unified integration that gives you the ability to maintain a low-latency integration for new content and provide assurances that no data was missed or dropped.

    For further information on configuring S3 sources, please refer to the following documentation:

    Let us know if this is helpful, and if you have any other questions. We also have a great public slack channel at if you prefer that method for help.

    Thanks for posting to the community!

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