Lookup against CSV that's stored within SumoLogic itself?



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    Ryan Johnson

    Hi Kenneth!

    Historically I would recommend one of the following:

    1. Externally HTTPS hosted CSV (what you've been doing)
    2. Dedicated collector to monitor and upload the file (what you'd rather not do), or;
    3. Combining the data from either step 1 or 2, and apply a unnecessarily complex search query to save this to a lookup stored in the platform (what no-one should have to do)

    Now the (soon to be) good news is that we'll be announcing a major uplift of our lookup capabilities at our user conference 'Illuminate' next month which will address your requirements (and then some!). So while I don't have a nice solution for you today, I can assure you than help is on the way :-)


    - RJ

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    Kenneth Ord

    Thanks, Ryan, the new enhancements sound very intriguing :-)


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