Lookup against CSV that's stored within SumoLogic itself?



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    Ryan Johnson

    Hi Kenneth!

    Historically I would recommend one of the following:

    1. Externally HTTPS hosted CSV (what you've been doing)
    2. Dedicated collector to monitor and upload the file (what you'd rather not do), or;
    3. Combining the data from either step 1 or 2, and apply a unnecessarily complex search query to save this to a lookup stored in the platform (what no-one should have to do)

    Now the (soon to be) good news is that we'll be announcing a major uplift of our lookup capabilities at our user conference 'Illuminate' next month which will address your requirements (and then some!). So while I don't have a nice solution for you today, I can assure you than help is on the way :-)


    - RJ

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    Kenneth Ord

    Thanks, Ryan, the new enhancements sound very intriguing :-)


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    Jason Gianfrancesco

    Hi guys.  Was the announcement on new lookup capabilities made? 

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    Bowei Chi

    I'm looking for updates on the lookup operator as well.  Please!

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    Angad Singh

    Hi Guys, 

    I wanted to give a quick update about the improvements to a lookup table. Here are a couple of things we are going to address.

    1.) Users will be able to manage lookup tables using UI. They will be able to perform CRUD operations from UI, including uploading data into Lookup file from a CSV file directly. 

     2.) Fine-grain RBAC control on lookups. Users will be to grant View/Edit & manage access to various users/groups within their organization. This will help in managing lookup tables.

    3.)  Lookup size limit will be increased from 8MB to 100MB

    4.) Lookups will perform 10x faster, so you should be able to use them in a non-aggregate query without any problems.

    Currently, our plan is to have these ready for beta by the end of this year. if you are interested in trying out the functionality in beta, reach out to the rep associated with the account so they can get you into the beta. 

    PM, Sumo

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