Getting logs from multiple containers in the same kubernetes pod


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    Mohit Mehta

    Hello Dan,

    Yes, you can collect logs from multiple containers to sumo logic. You need to add an additional [INPUT] section in your rawConfig: |- section of values.yaml file:

    Below is the link which you can refer to get details about rawConfig: |- section.

    You can add another section right after the below [INPUT] section:

      Name tail
      Path /var/log/containers/*.log
      Multiline On
      Parser_Firstline multi_line
      Tag containers.*
      Refresh_Interval 1
      Rotate_Wait 60
      Mem_Buf_Limit 5MB
      Skip_Long_Lines On
      DB /tail-db/tail-containers-state-sumo.db
      DB.Sync Normal

    For example, if you need to collect it from different Syslog logs which are there in a different cluster then your [INPUT] section will look like below:

        Name             tail
        Path             /var/log/syslog
        Multiline        On
        Parser_Firstline multi_line
        Tag              container.*
        Refresh_Interval 1
        Rotate_Wait      60
        Mem_Buf_Limit    5MB
        Skip_Long_Lines  On
        DB               /tail-db/tail-containers-state.db
        DB.Sync          Normal

    Path, Tag, and DB values will depend on your configuration.

    Hope this will help.



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