Can you export logs in the default index/partition to a newly created partition?


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    Mohit Mehta

    Hello Lincoln,

    If we were to create a new partition for a subset of our logs, is there a way to migrate the logs from the default partition to the newly created partition?


    Partition is only storing the future data. This means the data which is already ingested into Sumo Logic can't be a part of the newly created partition. Partition begin building a non-aggregate index from the time the partition is created and index only the data moving forward.

    Although, if you want to backfill the data you can use a Sumo Logic functionality called, Schedule View. Scheduled Views can include historical data from as far back as the beginning of your retention period (say, 60 days or 90 days). Because historical data is included, Scheduled Views can help uncover long-term trends.

    Please, follow below document page about Schedule view to get more details:




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